Democrats are chained and constrained: is it time to break free from the filibuster?

For the first time in recent history, Senate Democrats are talking openly about completely abolishing the Senate’s filibuster rule. However, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is adamantly opposed to such a move and he has publicly and brazenly split from the Democratic party on this critically important issue.

Why is our immigration problem apparently unsolvable? The filibuster. Why is the minimum wage set at poverty levels, making millions of Americans struggle to survive? The filibuster. Why can’t we have some sensible laws to keep guns out of the hands of unstable and dangerous people? The filibuster. Why do…

I fear that the public may have lost their faith and confidence in the independence of the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the last few years. Many appear to wrongly view the Attorney General and the DOJ as under the exclusive control of the executive branch, particularly the president. This misconception was perpetuated during the last administration by statements and actions of the president during criminal investigations and lawsuits in which DOJ appeared to be taking directions from the president in matters where he had a personal interest or stake in the outcome.

I have no doubt that Merrick Garland…

The healthcare system is complicated. Explaining proposed improvements is a big challenge. Written material that digs in too deep, uses technical terms, and is many pages long doesn’t realistically give people the basic info they need. The goal here is to give you a brief, clear, and complete overview of Pres. Biden’s plan with one diagram and two short lists.

The primary goal of the president’s plan is to get people covered who are not currently enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, an employer plan, or they’re working independently and just can’t afford to buy health insurance (even with the existing subsidies…

Republicans, with the the help of folks like Frank Luntz, have been succesful in getting out their messages that promote their themes. “Death tax” instead of estate tax, “tax and spend,” and yes — Make America Great Again. Democrats don’t fight back effectively. They don’t go on offense and let the public know what they stand for. They don’t project unified themes and effective messages to promote those themes.

Case in point: Pres. Biden is blowing an opportunity. He’s letting others define and control the meaning of his “Unity” theme. Instead of allowing others to limit the meaning as an…

During the Capitol insurrection we all saw the full nature, scope, volume, depth, and sickness among the members of the cult of Trump. As explained below, there is indeed a mental health aspect to this crisis. Just as the mainstream media refused to openly talk about Trump’s mental illnesses — Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sociopathy and his pathological addiction to revenge — there will likely be very little published on the mental health/brainwashing aspect of this crisis. Therefore, this article attempts to provide some thought-provoking discussion for further exploration of this complex problem.

To be sure, we know that the insurrectionists…


He arrived like a storm and broke every norm;

Don’t believe what you see

and listen to me;

The system we will break;

and all the news it is fake;

And as he rages there

are kids kept in cages;

A steady stream of lies getting bigger in size;

The reality star just took it too far;

What could be fitter than being banned by Twitter;

Not a law he wouldn’t break and not a contract he wouldn’t breach;

So in the end they had 2 impeach.

As fast as he had risen he will now go off to prison.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) did a very poor job of covering the economic benefits of our government’s reactions to the economic carnage resulting from the 2008–2009 financial crisis. The Wall Street driven crisis caused the ensuing “Great Recession” from 2008 through at least 2010. Over 8 million jobs were lost, unemployment skyrocketed to 10%, yet we emerged into a growing economy that set a record in modern history: 10 years of continuous growth without a recession.[1]

History is now already repeating itself regarding the virtually non-existent MSM coverage of the likely micro and macroeconomic benefits from the multi-pronged governmental response…

Richard Quadrino

Richard is a lawyer, media critic, and student of political communication in Washington, DC.

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